Hikari Yuki on October 9th, 2008, 4:16 pm

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Hate this page...so sorry it sucks. Things will hopefully be moving along. Speaking of moving, I moved and no longer have a scanner so updating may be painfully slow. >__> As though you really wanted to hear that.

*Get's shot*

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Hikari Yuki on October 9th, 2008, 4:21 pm

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Go Devil Daisuke: I like your icon, heh. And I plan to continue. I'm really glad you like it. ^__^

Imaginary Friends: I know right, I suck at updating, but at least there's SOMETHING of a benefit to the waiting...my art doesn't suck nearly as bad as it did before.

Lights: .>__<. That outfit evolved from something out of my own closet. Hahaha...Only hers looks so much better! Thanks so much!

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Jude K.A. Boi on October 9th, 2008, 5:36 pm

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AGH!! I didn't say this on the last page, but i'll say it now...

Mana looks so cute in the outfit you put her in on page 4!

Alchemage on April 9th, 2009, 9:06 pm

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sad. :(

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