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June 3rd, 2008, 12:26 am

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Hikari Yuki on June 3rd, 2008, 12:31 am

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I was hoping that the blinding color of this page would melt your brains and make you forget that it has taken me ages to update...and if not that then you'd find this gift enough to make up for it regardless.

Either way, forgive me. I've got a job working in a beauty supply store that requires all my time...and on my off days I just haven't been motivated.

This took me two days. >__> Hahah...BTW Stephenie Meyer's The Host is AWESOME!!! Read it.

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Hikari Yuki on June 3rd, 2008, 12:46 am

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Qwchestr: Your eye fell out? *Eats it* Hahaha...urrrm.

Hahaha, I'm glad you like the dancing...Mana's a freak...I wanted to let people know that from the get go...the original beginning was a little too mild and then she just sort of geeked out and I just didn't think it was natural. Hopefully now people will understand she's like that ALL the time and I won't have to explain myself later. ^__^

Hahaha! And I don't think she minds if you chew on her trousers. As long as they don't get holes, we're good.

Imaginary Friends: Thank you for being so understanding. I need to read your comic...I don't think I have...but then I have a million favorites so I really can't be certain. Neh...*Pokes about in her brain*

Hana_Aizawa: Thank you! *Gives a moose*

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Jude K.A. Boi on June 3rd, 2008, 11:10 am

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*stares vacantly cause brain is melted* gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...


Qwchestr on June 3rd, 2008, 4:05 pm

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This is wicked awsome! :D
I love the colors! And they dont blind me cause I still only have one eye~ ;D

((ahaha, coloring comics takes a long time, huh? But I guess I'm use to doing it. XDD;; ))

And her pants are still awsome. ;Wx ~ <3333

Hana_Aizawa on June 4th, 2008, 10:54 am

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Stephenie Meyer is...ahh..she's the best.
Anyway, I'm so happy you've updated... Oh, and I know morning breath is just...horrible! xDDD That was funneh~~
The coloring is gorgeous, really, I like it so much.
Thanx 4 updating! :3

Alchemage on April 9th, 2009, 8:45 pm

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Did I tell you how much I love your chibis? XD

A one-eyed albino. Good golly. That's one I don't think I've seen before--but I'm pretty sure you can make it work! Haha. Whoo!

Hikari Yuki on April 10th, 2009, 7:01 pm

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Alchemage: You did mention something like that on Chocolate Eclair. ^_^ I'm glad someone enjoy my chibi...I've odd characters, but it's their weird quirks that make them so lovable. [Or so I think...dun-dun-duuun.] ~O__o~

average rating: 5.00
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