(WARNING: Suggestive themes, dark humor, sexual references, etcetera.) Synopsis: Mana is your average, every-day, one-eyed albino. O-kay perhaps not...there ARE her eclectic tastes in fashion, her sarcastic ways of dealing with people, and her melodramatic tendencies to consider. But other than that she's pretty 'average'. She's just reentered high school after a brief hiatus due to health complications... unfortunately, having been away for almost two years doesn't only mean she's missed her Freshman and Sophomore years, but apparently she's missed the fact that she's now an 'Invisible', and this due only to Grey Alice, a band who’s fandom had become quite phenomenal, and, whom of which, had staked their claim on the prestigious Komyo Academy, one of THE most revered ‘School of Arts’. It will be thanks to those four individuals and their perverted, demented manager that her life screeches over the cliff of 'average' and into the chasm of 'chaos'.


New Skin?

posted by Hikari Yuki on June 29th, 2009, 6:15 am

I'm totally trying to 'revamp' my site layouts...been looking into HTML and CSS's all really basic, but there's sooo much to remember, my brain feels jumbled. @___@ THANKFULLY, some cool little swat had templates up for grabs that look groovy, and that I'll later be able to tweak and modify more to my tastes. [Whenever that will actually happen.]

>___< I'm looking forward to when I actually have some skill in that area so I won't be spamming someone else's work. [I feel so bad, I SHOULD be working hard on my own, but I really wanted a new and more fetching look for this.]


As far as updates? Well...I'm working on art, hopefully that will also mean more pages...?[FAIL!]



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